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NIIGHTS shift seamlessly between shimmery dream-pop and heavier melodic rock. Ethereal female vocals whispering poignant lyrics float above fuzz and layers of texture wrapped around artfully crafted dynamic songwriting, channeling the spirit of 90's shoegaze with an enchantingly fresh spin.

Fronting NIIGHTS is visual artist & singer-songwriter Jenna Fournier, who began playing with guitarist & sound-sculptor Frankie Maraldo in 2010. The two are now joined by Jeremy Dodge on drums and bassist Alex Wright, who anchor and underline the sonic chaos.

NIIGHTS released their first EP, A Tangle of Arms, in 2010, followed by their debut album 'Whisper' in 2013, which landed them a deal with 2670 Records in Japan. After two international tours, NIIGHTS signed with Sun Pedal Recording (WMG) and remixed 'Whisper' with legendary producer Jim Wirt for a re-release in 2015. The band teamed up with Wirt again for their sophormore LP, 'Hellebores,' which was released in February of 2019 in two halves, a lighter side that recalls the dreamy pop sensibility of "Whisper," and a heaver side that flexes musical prowess and forecasts a darker evolution of the band's sound. NIIGHTS supported the long-awaited release with a US Tour alongside Elvis Depressedly and a headlining summer return to Japan. They are currently writing.

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Catalog #: SPDL2-007





Catalog #: 7-911000

"…bounding from a purposeful earthbound chug into gorgeous celestial puddles and back."

- Chris Deville, Stereogum

"NIIGHTS’s “So Into You” is a pop-punk dream-pop hybrid from heaven."

- Duncan Cooper, The Fader

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